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May, 2013 Archive

8 service mistakes you can’t afford to make

Voicemail and communication that isn’t personalised. It needs to be cheerful and succinct and personal – I’m a real person, so treat me like one. Ignoring the basics: a friendly approach. It costs nothing to smile and appear welcoming and yet has such a strong impact, so don’t be afraid to show customers that you appreciate their custom. Greet […]

10 Ways you are losing your customers – right now

1: You don’t do sufficient stacking. Just doing enough – isn’t enough. Customers vote with their feet and 50% of the UK’s customers move service provider because of poor customer service. But remember, your opinion doesn’t matter. The customer is on the receiving end and it’s their opinion that counts. 2: Your team don’t all […]

I’m building a cathedral

What is your approach to changing behaviour and creating extraordinary things? How do you view the things that you do?… I love the parable of the two men laying bricks – you’ve probably heard it: both men are cementing bricks up and stacking them on top of each other – literally laying bricks. A passer […]

[CASE STUDY] When behaviours and attitudes must change and your conference needs to have an impact – Case Study 4

When a pharmaceutical company approached Jez to work alongside them at their brand conference, they had very specific goals and were serious about the impact the conference needed to have.  The conference team had already seen him work the year before at an international pharmaceutical conference and, coupled with Jez’s guarantee, knew they would be […]

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