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July, 2014 Archive

All Patched Up – The Office Chair That Improves Behaviour!

She’s done it again. Kelly Swallow, my go-to designer for patchwork chairs and accessories, has created this fantastic captain’s chair for my office. Now you have to physically remove me from the office, I just love being on it and working in here so much now! When the next stage of the house renovation is […]

[MAGAZINE ARTICLE] Jez On Perception, Change Blindness and Seeing What We Want To See

  Jez features in a three-page article in the July issue of Magicseen magazine, the leading UK-based magazine for magicians and mentalists with a readership of 3,000. The article focuses on Perception and specifically change blindness; a perceptual phenomenon, which occurs when a change in a visual stimulus is introduced but we do not notice it. You might have […]

Sales of Have A Crap Day Cleans Up For Charity!

Sales of Jez’s best-selling book Have A Crap Day have been hotting up since his TEDx talk went global and the five star reviews keep coming in on Amazon. And all this means great news for his adopted charitable partner, the Contented Dementia Trust because proceeds from the sales of each copy of Have A […]