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August, 2014 Archive

[MAGAZINE ARTICLE] Everything Speaks – can we positively change our behaviour? Jez is guest columnist for the Open University Society Matters

I was asked to write an article for the Open University’s online magazine Society Matters about whether it is possible to positively change human behaviour in a simple way. It is and if we understand why we do the things we do and how to change them, we can, I believe, make a greater impact […]

[NEWSPAPER ARTICLE] The Blueprint for a Great Customer Experience – How Delivering Great Customer Experiences Could Mean Big Business – Jez’s comment in The Daily Telegraph

Journalist Natasha Clark has written an article for Business Reporter on what makes for a great customer experience. Business Reporter is distributed with The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. Investigating the growing trends that could boost your business’s customer experience, Natasha called me to find out why customers like them so much. Here’s what […]