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Behaviour Insight Archive

Supercharging Your CSR

TOP 10 TIPS FOR SUPERCHARGING YOUR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is al the rage. It has been for a while but for too many organisations it’s simply lip service. That’s not necessarily a big problem but it is a really wasted opportunity to make your brand stand out, enliven your organisational […]

Jez on the Punks and Suits Podcast

The crazy lady with the dog is Blaire Palmer and she’s as lovely as she is crazy. I can’t help but be innately suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, so when I met Blaire at a business roadshow event we were both working at, we hit it off right away because she loves gardening, […]

How to Train a Chicken (the real secrets of leadership, management and team building)

Our new chickens, which we’ve named Chasseur, Casserole, Cajun and Stuart are bright, friendly and highly trainable. I’m talking distinguishing between different shapes, coming to you when called, playing the xylophone and even riding a skateboard – and perhaps more useful in your role at work, they can help you to create super switched on […]

Going Organic! – Soil and the Organic Leadership System (I made that up)

Behaviourist and broadcaster, Jez Rose, blogs about the process of achieving Soil Association Organic Certification for his Cambridgeshire farm and home to The Good Life Project. Our peas have broken through the soil, my garlic and shallots are sprouting strong and my potatoes (yes, the ones I planted upside down) are shooting! But something interesting happened while […]

Are Supermarkets Brainwashing Us?

If you listen to BBC Radio 4, you might have heard me on the You and Yours programme this week discussing the recent research supermarkets have conducted into how to slow shoppers down. By installing horizontal lines on the floor of certain aisles, researchers demonstrated that shoppers took longer to reach the end of the […]

TV Stars Back New “Good Life” Research Project to Investigate How Nature Makes For a Happy Workforce

A brand new research initiative backed by broadcasters Kate Humble and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been launched today.  The Good Life Project aims to provide evidence-based and cost-effective solutions to the benefits of nature in making businesses happier, healthier and more profitable. The project is being spearheaded by Behaviour expert and author Jez Rose along with a […]

Why TED Talks Are A Waste Of Time

As someone who has been invited to present at several TEDx conferences, most recently TEDxMiltonKeynes (UK, 2014) and TEDxGreenville (USA, 2016), the title of this blog post might seem a little unexpected. When I returned from TEDxGreenville recently, I

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