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Hints & Tips for Booking a Conference Speaker or Host Archive

What’s the difference?! “Book Motivational Speaker”, “Hire Keynote Speaker”, “Book Guest Speaker”

Are you searching for a motivational speaker? Have you typed into Google “book guest speaker”, or “hire keynote speaker” to help find some suggestions for your conference speaker slot? Did you know that a motivational speaker, guest speaker and keynote speaker are, technically, all quite different things? As a professional speaker for the past 12 […]

Globetrotting! The many stops of Jez Rose at conference venues all over the world

As a Behaviour Change Consultant and conference speaker and host with international clients, I’ve travelled almost all around the world. Not quite, but nearly. I was talking with a friend of mine in a bar recently and the conversation turned to countries we’d been to. As I counted up the many countries and venues I’d […]

What Can The Behaviour Expert Do For You?

I had great fun recently in Munich with new client Boehringer Ingelheim. Invited to host their Make It Happen conference ahead of an international specialist technical symposium and deliver two keynote presentations: one on achieving excellence in customer service and the other on changing behaviour through positive reinforcement. All 300 international delegates enjoyed the conference […]

Getting the most from an external speaker – the secrets to hiring a good conference speaker

For the full article, head over to the Free Resources area at! When choosing a keynote speaker to speak at your conference or event, it is important to view it as the important investment that it is.  I have heard of – and seen – many professional conference speakers with excellent reputations and glowing […]