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“Jez Rose is mad – but he’s the best!” – Why does it work?

Some people have said my style is “unconventional”; “out of this world” and “highly energetic” – in fact a client recently said of me in their industry magazine: “Jez Rose is mad – but he’s the best!”. I know my presentations are fun, as that’s intentional, but there’s a serious, scientific foundation to my method…


Humans have pretty poor attention spans, generally. Getting 250 people together in a room, each with their own desires, learning needs and interests means you’re always going to struggle with maintaining everyone’s attention. Natural peaks and drops in the attention of your delegates is normal, however, it can be quite dramatic. The graph below shows how attention span dwindles over time and is immediately perked after a break – that’s why everyone charges out at the slightest hint that there is a coffee break approaching – they need it!

When do 500 people shout “I love Wales!”?…

jez rose the behaviour expert injects energy and humour into business conferences worldwideThis is what 500 people shouting “I love Wales!” looks like! Why do I have a photo of 500 people shouting at me and waving excitedly? I spoke to the Bron Afon team at their annual staff conference in Wales, ahead of the England v Wales rugby match (in which Wales triumphantly won). You’ll notice a couple of people sat down at the front, not joining in. That’s because they’re English.

Jez Rose is The Behaviour Expert. For more information and free resources to help unleash the power of people in your organisation, visit:

Jez Rose is finalist in Young Entrepreneur of the Year category 2013

jez rose the behaviour expert is in the finals of the fsb streamline uk business awards 2013

Customer service, training and behaviour specialist The Behaviour Expert, has been praised for entrepreneurship with the title of Area Finalist, in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category at the FSB Streamline UK Business Awards 2013.

At the awards ceremony on 18th April 2013 , Jez Rose were recognised as an Area Finalist, by FSB and Streamline judges in recognition of entrepreneurial activities.

“I’m really pleased to be recognised”, said Jez. “Training isn’t the most glamorous industry and can be both cliche and boring, but I’ve been working hard to make sure my brand provides high quality, effective solutions for our clients and to ensure The Behaviour Expert delivers dynamic, unique and memorable keynote presentations, workshops and resources – and this award is the icing on the cake”.

4D immersive, experiential training!

the behaviour expert jez rose creates 4d experiential learning experiences for businesses and teachers
What is 4D Psychological Artistry from The Behaviour Expert?
Jez explains: “The 4D concept was born from having experienced a lot of concepts over the past 10 years, while hosting and lecturing, for break-out sessions that, in my opinion, just didn’t deliver a ROI for the client because the key objectives they required (normally a change in behaviour of staff) weren’t being met. Although fun, occasionally inspiring and more often than not different, they didn’t change behaviour – which is ultimately what the client needs.”
When it is critical to achieve behaviour change from a conference, meeting or training session, there really is nothing else like

50 Uses for a Business Card – my client’s top 10 uses for my metal business card!

IMG_2644My metal business cards have created quite a stir since I started using them in 2012 and it’s sparked a lot of interest and conversation with clients – so much so that some of them have offered alternative uses for them!

The list has got to well over 50 now but here are some of my favourites!…

  • Ice scraper
  • Butter spreader
  • Replacement hotel room key
  • Weapon (not all of my client’s have violent tendencies…)
  • Impromptu cheese knife

What Can The Behaviour Expert Do For You?

the behaviour expert jez rose provides conference hosting and creates memorable keynote presentations on customer service and changing behaviour

I had great fun recently in Munich with new client Boehringer Ingelheim. Invited to host their Make It Happen conference ahead of an international specialist technical symposium and deliver two keynote presentations: one on achieving excellence in customer service and the other on changing behaviour through positive reinforcement.

All 300 international delegates enjoyed the conference and we had a lot of fun while exploring key messages and delivering content that will be retained for a long time to come.

Following on from

Recommended Reading

jez rose the behaviour expert recommends reading certain key books to learn about behaviour change, service and creating extraordinary experiences

I’m often asked by clients which books I’d recommend to help further their knowledge of behavioural psychology, customer service, managing people, or how to have as much energy and passion about changing behaviour as I do. So I’ve put together this reading list with some of my favourite, most-referenced and memorable reads which I’d highly recommend sit on everyone’s shelf. This is a condensed version – the full version featuring

The Behaviour Expert Helps Launch BI’s Syrum Game

jez rose the behaviour expert helps launch syrum on facebookSyrum is a fantastic new Facebook game that has recently been launched by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH. You play the part of a research scientist, attempting to create cures for some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

After working with Boehringer Ingelheim at an international conference in Munich earlier this year, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to test the game before launch and offer my opinion from the point of view of a behaviourist.

In development for more than two years, Syrum has been specifically designed to demonstrate the complex processes around medicine research and development through gaming mechanics. It aims to promote science and innovation to the digital community in a fun and engaging way and the result is something pretty clever.

Requirements When Booking The Behaviour Expert

the behaviour expert jez rose wants you to get the most out of his keynote presentations for your businessOver thousands of presentations worldwide Jez has learnt exactly what is required for you to get the very best out of his presentation. The following is his only list of requirements, which are essential. 

Microphone and PA System

The most important aspect of Jez’s presentation is the ability for his audience to hear him. He has performed without presentation slides when laptops have broken and even on a rocking cruise ship during a storm, however, if no one can clearly hear him, the presentation will have little impact or effect. This simply cannot be underestimated.

  • As his presentation style is energetic, Jez will provide his own headset microphone, which is compatible with Shure or Sennheiser brand wireless microphone systems.
  • For presentations within the UK, he will bring a microphone system to plug into a professional quality PA system, which you should provide.
  • For presentations

[MAGAZINE ARTICLE] Jez features in AudioInfos magazine

the behaviour expert jez rose is a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers, radio and televisionAudioInfos, the main trade publication for Independent Hearing Care Professionals, recently ran a 3-page article about the Unitron UK Unite University, of which Jez is a faculty member, returning for the second year running to enlighten people on achieving excellence through service.

The article section discusses Jez’s contribution to

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