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The Behaviour Expert Helps Launch BI’s Syrum Game

jez rose the behaviour expert helps launch syrum on facebookSyrum is a fantastic new Facebook game that has recently been launched by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH. You play the part of a research scientist, attempting to create cures for some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

After working with Boehringer Ingelheim at an international conference in Munich earlier this year, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to test the game before launch and offer my opinion from the point of view of a behaviourist.

In development for more than two years, Syrum has been specifically designed to demonstrate the complex processes around medicine research and development through gaming mechanics. It aims to promote science and innovation to the digital community in a fun and engaging way and the result is something pretty clever.

Requirements When Booking The Behaviour Expert

the behaviour expert jez rose wants you to get the most out of his keynote presentations for your businessOver thousands of presentations worldwide Jez has learnt exactly what is required for you to get the very best out of his presentation. The following is his only list of requirements, which are essential. 

Microphone and PA System

The most important aspect of Jez’s presentation is the ability for his audience to hear him. He has performed without presentation slides when laptops have broken and even on a rocking cruise ship during a storm, however, if no one can clearly hear him, the presentation will have little impact or effect. This simply cannot be underestimated.

  • As his presentation style is energetic, Jez will provide his own headset microphone, which is compatible with Shure or Sennheiser brand wireless microphone systems.
  • For presentations within the UK, he will bring a microphone system to plug into a professional quality PA system, which you should provide.
  • For presentations

[MAGAZINE ARTICLE] Jez features in AudioInfos magazine

the behaviour expert jez rose is a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers, radio and televisionAudioInfos, the main trade publication for Independent Hearing Care Professionals, recently ran a 3-page article about the Unitron UK Unite University, of which Jez is a faculty member, returning for the second year running to enlighten people on achieving excellence through service.

The article section discusses Jez’s contribution to

“How do we attract more customers?”

utahshoppingcenterSimon from Clarity Hearing Solutions sent in this question for Jez:

“We hold ‘Open Days’ at our hearing aid centre and run local press adverts and promote through direct mail. What should our invitation letter to potential new clients feature to make it a ‘must attend’ event?”

The most powerful way to guarantee repeat custom, motivate customers to return to you and recommend you and attract new customers is through a reputation for excellent customer service.  As Mary Portas’ TV show Secret Shopper has helped clearly demonstrate and as I’ve been saying for years: you only have to be slightly better than awful in the UK and you stand out a mile.  Delivering good service is okay but delivering excellent service levels is such a welcome and pleasant surprise to customers that you really make a significant impact.

Many people believe they deliver great service but if you do – who knows about it?  Have you entered any customer service awards?  Have you shouted about customer’s experiences and testimonials?  Do the local papers and press and industry magazines know about your great service levels and have you make a pledge to deliver excellent service to your customers, informing them perhaps via an email newsletter?  Be proud of delivering great service (it really does mean a lot to customers and goes a long way to cementing future business).

Getting the most from an external speaker – the secrets to hiring a good conference speaker


For the full article, head over to the Free Resources area at!

When choosing a keynote speaker to speak at your conference or event, it is important to view it as the important investment that it is.  I have heard of – and seen – many professional conference speakers with excellent reputations and glowing testimonials, deliver presentations that are not well received.

These secrets will help maximise your ROI and ensure you get the best from your chosen business speaker:

As a recent client of mine from P&G quite rightly said to me: “time is of secondary importance”.  Cut the speaker’s allotted time at your peril. Professional conference speakers spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their presentation to create something powerful, which hopefully inspires and motivates: you are investing in a specialist in their field to speak to you.  If you reduce the time the speaker has to effectively deliver their presentation, you not only reduce the impact but it almost always doesn’t allow time to have the impact you hoped for.

Allow time for the keynote speaker to sound check.  This is critical.  If you cannot hear the conference speaker properly, the entire presentation will be tainted .  There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to someone when the microphone keeps cutting out or is distorted.  People simply lose interest and then you’ve wasted your investment.

Complex Communication

Communicating effectively can be a really complex task – particularly with humans – because language plays such an important part.  Most of the time it’s overly complicated because there is either emotion involved, or too many words. Let me give you a fun example you can use to highlight the point with your team:

What sentence has the word ‘and’ 5 times in a row and makes perfect sense?  Have a think…

The landlord of The Hairy Dog and Wet Duck pub

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