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It’s official – Jez has been invited to speak at TEDxMiltonKeynes

jez rose the behaviour expert speaks at tedx conference ted talk in milton keynes on the theme of generosity, greed and the greater goodToday I have a real sense of excitement and privilege. I’ve been invited to speak at one of the now legendary TEDx conferences. If you’re familiar with the TED talks, in the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx… hence the ‘x’.

The theme on the 8th May 2014 is Generosity, Greed and the Greater Good and I’ll be talking about our perceptions of greed and generosity and how it affects our behaviour. Hopefully I’ll be raising some interesting and thought-provoking points and also share my own idea, which I believe is worth spreading.

I’ll be sure to post a link to my talk and share some photos with you once the event is over 🙂

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED- like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organised events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organised TED event.

Jez Rose is The Behaviour Expert, a leading behaviour change consultant who specialises in engaging and memorable ways to change human behaviour for organisations worldwide. For more information and free resources on how to effectively change behaviour in your organisation, visit:

It’s All About the Cake – how to create positive long-term impressions

jez rose is the behaviour expert, a motivational business speaker and in this blog talks about the importance of regular, consistent acts to impress customers and drive desirable behaviour of staff

It was my Birthday last week (29th March in case you were wondering – you can send gifts next year). Naturally I received millions of cards and there was a tailback of lorries full of gifts, snaking towards my house. Why is that? Why is it that the older you get, the less cards and gifts you get? It’s not like I’m so old that everyone I know has died. Babies and children get all this stuff they don’t appreciate the value of let alone the use of and here I am, quite capable of full appreciation of many things and yet no lorries and no sacks of cards. Ungrateful you say? Did YOU get my anything? Well, there you go.

Anyway, one person who did go to some effort was my assistant (which has prevented a P45 for another 12 months at least). Through the mail arrives a small little box. It’s the sort of size that’s intriguing. There is quite a bit of ominous instruction to open

Conlons opticians made me experience the difference! Fantastic customer service example from Conlons Opticians

jez rose spoke at the conlons opticians customer service conference who helped him source a new pair of glassesThe Conlons opticians strap line is “experience the difference” and boy did I experience the difference!

I recently was invited to speak at the annual Conlons customer service conference in Preston. It’s a family run business and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m a real sucker for family run or owned businesses. It’s the nostalgic champion of the underdog in me. I get it from my Grandma.

Anyway, the evening before the conference I arrived at the hotel and had dinner with the management team and so impressed was I with their dedication and passion for service excellence, that I made Conlon’s MD, John Welsby, my Star Client of the Month in my customer magazine – I’ve included a snap of the page so you can read what I wrote about him and the great work they do.

So when I needed new specs, there was only one place I considered going, and that was Conlons. Now it may not surprise you that I’m quite particular about

What a diamond – the huge customer service impact a bit of time can have

jez rose speaks at a business conference on customer service as the behaviour expert and receives incredible testimonials

I spoke at the Vibrant Network first annual conference recently. Nothing unusual so far.

What happened afterwards was quite interesting. I received a card from the organiser, thanking me for my contribution. Again, nothing out of the ordinary there.

But with the card was a box. Inside the box was

The importance of patchwork… How environment affects behaviour

kelly swallow makes jez rose a patchwork chair for his office as environment plays an important part in productivity in the workplace

This is my new office chair and let me make it clear that I am in love all over again. How can you not be happy when you see that first thing in the morning?

I commissioned the fantastically talented Kelly Swallow to make me something colourful and comfortable as I spend a lot of time writing scripts, books and training programs for clients. However, it’s not so much the practicality of the chair as a functional item that I appreciate the most. It’s the design. And not for the reason you might think…

[CASE STUDY] Online e-learning training portal makes waves – Case Study 7

insider expert the online training portal for training managers, hr directors for online business training from jez rose the behaviour expert

Insider Expert is something quite special. It’s the culmination of 10 years of my work creating training resources for organisations to help improve behaviour of sales field forces, leadership teams, customer service teams and of course personal development for all staff.

During a discussion with one of my clients in 2011, he suggested I write a manual or a book, where I could collate the masses of tips, activity sheets, essays, articles, white papers and behaviour blueprints I’ve created over the years. “It seems such a waste that all of your resources aren’t being used every day by more organisations”. He had a point but I didn’t think a flat product quite conveyed the content and style – and engagement, which is where the real success of changing behaviour lies – in the way I would want it to.

So two years later of filming new videos, recording new podcasts, writing webinars and compiling the resources, Insider Expert was born; possibly the world’s most comprehensive online training portal of its kind.

You can see more information and get a 30 day full access trial by clicking here!

Updated weekly, it provides both

[CASE STUDY] Cross-functional team work team building exercise for 500 delegates a huge success

corporate business team building activities from jez rose the behaviour expert involving a giant domino rally

Jez’s was approached with an interesting request. His client was holding an annual conference of 500 delegates and on the second day needed an activity to be designed, which would fulfil very specific criteria in the brief:

  • The activity had to involve every one of the delegates
  • The activity needed to encourage each delegate working together, where possible
  • It was to run for the entire second day of the three day conference
  • It must include an element of challenge
  • It needed to encourage working with other departments within the organisation

Jez designed a highly interactive Business Challenge, which saw 500 delegates split into teams of people they never worked with, let alone met before. A series of challenges unfolded throughout the day and the highlight for many was a giant domino rally game, using more than 13,000 dominoes to break the ice and provide an entertaining, memorable and effective metaphor for working together and uncovering skills and talents within your team.

As each team raced against the clock to complete activities, earn as much money as possible and fulfil their list of tasks, all 500 people were engaged fully for the duration. The following morning, day 3 of the client’s conference, Jez hosted a short recap and awards presentation ceremony alongside the Managing Director, complete with confetti explosion. A short video of the beginning of the awards ceremony, showing a tie situation can be seen if you click here.

Delivered on time, on budget and to testimonials from delegates and senior management such as: “the best conference ever”; “that was absolutely superb” and “I enjoyed every minute”. Jez and his team produced the content, sourced and produced resources, bespoke and personalised delegate booklets, prizes, scripts and liaised with on-site production teams to create a Business Challenge that delivered impact. One client director commented that they would have expected something of such quality to have costed at least two and half times that of the final budget.

Jez Rose is The Behaviour Expert and the preferred supplier for training for clients worldwide. For more information and free resources, visit:

Revelation: I’m Not a Motivational Speaker… Are You?

jez rose the behaviour expert is not a motivational speaker but an inspirational business speakerYes, the expose of the year (if you don’t get out much) is that I’m not really a motivational speaker. Shock. Horror. Disgust. It’s all been a con. Or has it? I’ve never actually referred to myself as a “motivational speaker” and I don’t consider what I do to be motivating, per-se.

You see, what motivates one person, won’t necessarily motivate another. For some it’s the thought of earning enough money to treat their spouse, or nurture a family. But for others it might be exercise and others still, happiness. So, to stand in front of an audience of 500 business delegates and be a “motivational speaker” is, I think, a farce. It’s all very well that the speaker climbed Everest, backwards, on a unicycle but when I go back to work my manager is still an arse and the photocopier is still broken. It doesn’t

What Would YOU Do? Proactive thinking and how to always seek improvement

jez rose is the behaviour expert, a behaviour change consultant working worldwide on changing behaviour“It’s a pretty good zoo”, said young Gerald McGrew, “and the fellow who runs it seems proud of it, too”. “But if I ran the zoo”, said young Gerald McGrew, “I’d make a few changes. That’s just what I’d do… the lions and tigers and that kind of stuff, they have up here now are not quite good enough. You see things like these in just any old zoo. They’re awfully old fashioned. I want something new!”

Dr. Seuss’s Gerald McGrew sees something that most people – including the owner of the zoo – don’t see. He doesn’t settle for what is; for what exists – he dreams about improving what’s there; about making it even better so that more people will come and enjoy the zoo. But Gerald knows that it takes effort to do things differently. It’s not easy to stand out:

“If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, you have to go places quite out-of-the-way. You have to places no others can get to. You have to get cold and you have to get wet, too.”

And so it’s true, whether we speak in rhyming couplets or not – that everyone should throw ideas into

What Nelson Mandela’s Death Means for Us

nelson mandella dead jez rose  discusses the impact madiba's passing has on society

Something is missing from our world. A hole that will never be repaired. For some, the pain of that hole is felt deeply but for others, it will become apparent in time just how significant the passing of one of the world’s Father’s really is.

Mother Theresa, Ghandi and now Nelson Mandela. Three of the world’s guiding spirits and leading sources of inspiration for us all. If there was ever an example of an extraordinary person that